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NIIT | Computer Highlights
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Info Edge Pvt. Ltd. is a service industry company which intends to serve the INFORMATION TECHNOLGY concerns. It is licensee of NIIT Ltd (India) for Nepal which offers software engineering course with two streams academic and professional including other various specific specialization courses which will be further discussed in next other session. After being long time in this industry we have observed that still there is a huge rational gap between demand and skilled manpower, Also lack of global recognized study center which offers today’s best and latest technology which are highly demanded in industries to fulfill the current requirements. IT itself is a proven technology which is the world’s best enrich business that gives profitable return. Various surveys show that it will remain constantly with most demanded existence to upgrade the hi-tech world. We believe Info Edge will deliver all these solution. Also Info Edge Pvt. Ltd. has a trading wing (Info Edge Concern) which provides the IT accessories in reliable price with service oriented delivery. About this wing and its work nature will be discussed in next page with its brief descriptions. We are recognized as: We are the group of people who have been working in this field for long time and have seen numerous scenario of this industry. Intentionally we are unified with thoughts, vision and profession. We have a passion of walking together, may be slow but steady. We believe on team work with action oriented approach, we analyze the thing ups and down.